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​​Dallas is a Big City with a lot of Big Firms and Big Lawyers. Getting charged with a crime is frightening and intimidating. What you need is an attorney that can give you and your case the personal attention and focus it deserves to inspire confidence during a difficult time in your life. Because that is what is at stake, quite simply-your life.

As a former felony prosecutor I know the ins and outs of the legal system as it relates directly to criminal defense. With my trial experience and knowledge of the court system, you will be in the right hands.

Compassion and understanding is also important. After fighting for the other side, I know how easy it is for a defendant to get caught up in the system and wind up facing a long jail term, fines and a tarnished record.

I will dedicate myself to your case and do everything in my power to you get the best results possible. That is the promise I make to all my clients.

Everyone makes mistakes and under our criminal justice system, every defendant has the right to a strong defense. Don't take chances with your life and future. Whether you or a loved one are facing a DWI, burglary, assault, theft, robbery
or any sort of drug offense, you need an attorney that is on your side from day one. Contact The Law Office of ANGEL MATA as soon as possible to get the best outcome.


No one ever plans for their marriage to end in divorce or to wind up in court fighting for child custody or child support. These issues cannot be more stressful or important, affecting your life and the future of your children with lifelong consequences. Please contact The Law Office of ANGEL MATA for a thorough review of your case. 

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